Book Club: Meeting In Session

We have reached the halfway mark of 2021, honestly how? 2021 has flown by in a blink of an eye. And part 1 of 2021 has been phenomenal, minus the fact I just recovered from COVID first hand. If you are a a keen Life of Molly blog reader, you will remember that 6 months ago I made a challenge to myself to read 21 books in 2021. I have made it through 10 books so far. And if you want to catch up, check out the books I have been loving throughout 2021, join the book club here.

And so here are the next 11 books of the year and god are there some goodies! If you fancy a summer read, a staycation novel, or something to warm you up in the winter months. I got you fellow bookworms. Let the meeting commence.

The Unexpected Joy of the Ordinary

First up is a book I was kindly gifted by an Instagram Pal Christina during lockdown 3. And it can only be described as a physical reminder to be kind to ourselves and appreciate the life we have. A good reflection on COVID times. The Author, Catherine Gray encourages us to take joy in the ordinary pleasures of everyday life rather than striving for ever more unattainable levels of happiness.

Last Letter From Your Lover

Ok, guys. Truth be told I saw the Netflix trailer of the film adaption and I just *had* to add it to my bookshelf. Reading the book>>>Watching the film. The novel intertwines two women's stories of love, loss and betrayal are intertwined by Jojo Moyes, the internationally bestselling author of Me Before You (if you have seen this film you'll know Last Letter From Your Lover will be heartbreaking!)

This is How We Come Back Stronger

To all my fellow feminists, this one is for you. In this book feminist writers come together to respond to the crisis of 2020 in this unique collection of essays, interviews, and fiction. And it is going to be a hard and though provoking read. PS: 20% of the price of EVERY BOOK SOLD goes direct to Women’s Aid and Imkaan. So get buying!

The Hunting Wives

Imagine your favourite thriller merged with the real housewives and you have this SCANDALOUS novel. One that I can't wait to dive into with a glass of bubbles. Plot: Sophie O'Neill left behind an envy-inspiring career and the stressful, competitive life of big-city Chicago to settle down with her husband and son in a small Texas town where she meets Margot Banks, an alluring socialite who is part of an elite clique secretly known as the Hunting Wives. And then a body is found...

Working Hard, Hardly Working

Everyone on Instagram seems to be ADORING this book and I can't wait to read this (especially during the month of August AKA when I complete university!) The book Working Hard, Hardly Working is all about How to Achieve More, Stress Less and Feel Fulfilled by the inspiring multiple business owner and self proclaimed 'lazy workaholic' Grace Beverley. Defo one to read for a balanced approach to life.


A love story for greedy girls. And a perfect read for my holiday in Ibiza (if COVID allows it, fingers crossed!) This debut novel by writer and journalist Daisy Buchanan is a frank, funny account of 21st-century lust. Insatiable is about women and desire and the need to be loved. It is a story about being unable to tell whether you are running towards your future or simply running away from your past. It has been voted as book of 2021 by go 'head and get buying!


Careless is an upmarket coming-of-age novel like no other, celebrating female friendship and the enduring hope to follow our dreams against all odds, that draw's on the author's own experience of growing up in care A novel I know I am going to love, and will most likely SOB too. Perfect for fans of Normal People by Sally Rooney and Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton.

Because of You

Written by the comedy legend Dawn French, haven't we all seen the Vicar of Dibley episode where she has 3 Christmas dinners? I was gifted this book by a family friend and the Bestselling Richard & Judy Book Club Pick is described as 'A reckoning is coming. Lives will collide. And mother-love will be tested' . . . Because Of You is Dawn French's stunning new novel, told with her signature humour, warmth and so much love. Ready to read!

The Marriage

It wouldn't be a The Life of Molly book club recommendation blog post, without a psychological thriller in the list. And god this is a juicy one (even my sister agrees!) The blurb reads 'Ten years ago he killed my son. Today I married him.' Literal SHIVERS. I feel like this is a book you aim to read over a week, and you can't put it down and you accidentally read it all once. Oops.

Just Like You

I just had to add this love story to my book recommendations. And this warmhearted and comic read is exactly what I need on a grey autumn Sunday morning with a coffee and my blanket. Nick Hornby's tender and honest novel gets to the heart of what it means to fall headlong in love with the best possible person - someone who may not be just like you at all. Sigh.

Buy Yourself the F***ing Lillies

I had to end this blog post with this honest and real book. Because it is THE guide to self love (in a non cheesy but real way!) This is the story of Tara’s path to re-parenting herself and becoming a “ninja of self-love.” She shares her simple, daily rituals to help create a life you truly, totally f*cking LOVE. A perfect end to 2021, and inspo for 2022, right?

There we have it- my book recommendations for the rest of the year. Book club meeting ended so get shopping. If you want to chat to me about any of the books mentioned in this blog post (or the first book club blog post) please do contact me- I would love to know what are your favourites and what you are most looking forward to reading.

Have a fabulous week, and I will speak to you soon!

Molly x