Blessed, Stressed and Fashion Obsessed.

Hi, Hello, Hey. Happy November, it's basically Christmas right?

How is everyone.... The title describes my mood right now, stressing over my uni deadlines, watching another fashion documentary, just finished 'Breaking Fashion' about the brand In The Style, twas' amazing, and about to have another lemsip, cold season is here with vengeance. Anyone else wanting the weekend to hurry on up?

I wanted to come on here and do a lil' life update, because I feel like my life has changed drastically (and amazingly) since September, since turning 20, and since starting studying at the Fashion Retail Academy.


I feel so blessed and grateful for my life right now, there is so much good stuff going on, I'm so smiley currently. Im blessed, to have the opportunity to study at the FRA, and I know its going to open so many exciting doors in the future, especially with my career. My fast track degree (it's 2 years instead of 3), 'Marketing and Communications for Fashion', has been EYE OPENING.

I have learnt a lot, my brain is like W O W. So far we have started two units, one unit I had to do research on an icon, I chose Marilyn Monroe. The other unit is about marketing fundamentals, in which I decided to make a marketing campaign for a sustainable range with COS x Stacey Dooley. It's been a lot of hard work, a drastic change to when I was at college.... some days I feel like crying (and I have), some times I feel like I'm not 'smart' or 'good' enough to study at that course. My general vibe when thinking about my work is WTAF am I doing.... its just a load of ?????? in my mind, also it was a change due to the fact that its not as creative, more businessy. Uni is a big change in ya life and it can make ya feel stressed, crap and down.


Now, I know how many people feel like that when they start something new, especially university. It can be shitty. A lot of my close friends have had the same general feeling, and it can be extended when you actually live at uni, a close friend of mine had a crap couple of days at first, dealing with homesick and loneliness. FRA is a bit different, which I love!

Instead of irregular lectures, my degree is 2 days a week (Monday and Wednesday), 10-5, so I can commute in (which is knackering, I have been living off coffee) but I do get to come back home. The reality of change can be really anxious; my first day at uni, I cried to my mum.... and I speak for a lot of people when they get worried about making friends, if they going to understand the course, and obviously no one wants to fail. These feelings are all natural when you experience change, which is something I think everyone needs to be reminded off.

In addition to this busy life of studying at university, my boyfriend Ben lives in Manchester... so my social life has rocketed, and sadly my bank account has plummeted :( I mean, I think this time of the year is hectic anyways, we have family birthdays, Christmas celebrations etc etc etc. I swear as soon as it hits this month, we say 'Sod it, its Christmas lets have a drink'. I am so excited for Christmas (and the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special!)

Fashion Obsessed.

I have been trying to see my friends, last night I went out to a concert which was AMAZING... I try to keep working out with my personal trainer (which is a necessary considering my eating and drinking currently), however is difficult because my body is a lil lethargic right now. As well as uni deadlines, I have also been focusing on my blogging and my IGTV... crazy life. Someone asked me how I stay so motivated, in every aspect of my life.... and well, to be honest it can be difficult... especially around this time of the year. However have some Mols Motivation advice, well, I love writing lists, ticking stuff you've done off a list is a gooooodd feeling, I always plan my weekdays so know what I have to do daily. Also, making little (realistic) goals for yourself is so important, e.g. write a blog post per week, go to the gym 2 times a week, in addition, making final goals is important so you know where your heading to e.g. restarting healthy eating in jan, passing my degree units up to Xmas etc. Being ill at the moment it can get a bit too much, its OK to take a break and have some chill time (Something my friends tell me a lot of the time).

Anyways, I've got to crack on with my work, blogging and pray that I start to get better. Another busy week for me, but I hope you enjoyed the catch up, and if you want to chat about uni, change etc, please send me a message. It can be very difficult. Have a great week, speak soon.

Love Mols x