I have just been on an amazing holiday in the City of Barcelona! Sadly, this time last week I was chilling, eating, drinking and exploring Barcelona, and I wanted to share with you all about my lovely weekend away...

Word of advice- If you haven't been to Barcelona, GO.

Chillaxing..... at the W Hotel Barcelona

We stayed at the W Hotel, and wow. Insane. The hotel is very modern and kind of like Hard Rock hotel/ Ibiza vibe, with neutral tones and lots of summer chill music playing in the afternoon. Our rooms were on the eighteenth floor, so the views were un-be-liev-able... it was a lovely view to wake up to, unlike the crappy weather in the UK at the moment.

At the hotel, the food was really good and I would recommend the Eggs Benedict for breakfast, the Banana and Strawberry Smoothie for a late morning snack and a Sangria and Chicken Pita Wrap for lunch, also sidenote- the chips wowzaaaaa....

I also ventured to the Spa at the hotel, as I wanted to relax after the last 3 months of revision, so I had a fabulous back massage and a green tea. Perfect.

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

On our first night out we went to the COOLEST restaurant, called 'Gatsby', with insanely good food (I had the lamb shoulder....oh my god) and there were live performances that after 12am got a little crazyyyyy... but I was loving life. The whole ambience, the gold roaring 20's interior of the restaurant, the performances, everything about the evening was just so exciting. I was interested in the restaurant as Lotty (my sister) sent me their Instagram page, and as I studied the novel 'The Great Gatsby' for my English Literature A-level, I was intrigued about the theme of the restaurant.

I found the restaurant an experience I won't forget and I would definitely recommend to anyone going to Barcelona. I mean who doesn't love a bottle of bubbles, getting dressed to the nines, and having a ball of a time?

Tapas Crawl

On our second night, we decided to experience the traditional food of Spain, Tapas. So we decided to make our own version of a Tapas crawl; when my parents went to Barcelona last year they went on an actual tapas tour, but I would 100000% recommend doing it independently, and explore yourself, it's more enjoyable, exciting and spontaneous.

We had a brilliant and funny night. We made it to three different Tapas restaurants, two that we would have never gone to as a family. The food in each restaurant was heavenly. We had a Spanish ham platter with bread, ham croquettes, garlic mushrooms, asparagus, calamari and potatoes with alliolli (I made a bet with dad I would eat them all, I was undefeated by the way!)

As a family, we tend to base all our holidays, trips, nights out around food and drink, and as you can see there was no difference in Barcelona from the hotel, our dinners out and the food market we went to. We love food.

Cupcakes and Cava, A Match Made in Heaven

On our last full day, the weather wasn't as good as previous days and therefore it was a perfect opportunity to explore the city of Barcelona, even though our holiday could be described as 'sunbathing, chillaxin with a cocktail in ya hand vibe', Barcelona is an amazing city to wander around and enjoy aka the holiday was the best of both worlds. Therefore, Mum and I had an explore on Sunday (we did 22,000 steps according to Fitbit...a lotttt of walking!)

But whilst Mum and I were wandering the streets of Barcelona, we came across this Instagrammable Cake and Cava Cakery. I LOVED IT. The whole idea, the colour scheme, the interior, the cava was nice n smooth, the cakes were so soft n delicious, just yes. Vibe. This place screamed ME.

Exploring Barcelona ... Old Meets the New

On Sunday, when we were wandering around I noticed some interesting things about the city of Barcelona.

1) Barcelona has several smells, the majority of them are not the nicest.

2) The city of Barcelona is beautiful, and has some amazing buildings. I can't wait to visit this city again. However, I want to visit different cities over the next couple of years including Budapest and Amsterdam. Definitely holidays to tick of my bucket list!

3) The architecture of the buildings in Barcelona is a contrast of traditional and modern, shown by the pictures below of Gaudi's creations, contrasting to the graffiti that is EVEYWHERE in Barcelona. As a creative and arty person, looking at Gaudi's 'Sagrada Familia' and 'Casa Batllo' was really inspiring and interesting as they have unusual architecture, especially reading about the history of these funky buildings. However, every person who visits Barcelona needs to have a look at these fascinating buildings as they are incredible to view! In my own artistic taste, I personally find graffiti really cool and aesthetically pleasing, and there is so much artistic graffiti in the streets in Barcelona. I was a fan!

Wow. So there you go, sorry for a longer blog post but there is just so much to say about my trip away. But this post is a whistle-stop tour of the highlights of my city break infused with a relaxing holiday. For me, this holiday has definitely been one of my best trips away, not just because of the beauty and excitement of the city, but I had such a relaxing and funny time with my family, full of food, laughter, cocktails, dancing, relaxing and just spending time together. :)

Lets raise a glass of Sangria to Barcelona, you were AMAZING. Thank you, and also a massive thank you to my parents for taking us on such interesting trips. And here's to the next trip away to Moraira, Spain, countdown - 5 weeks time. Hope you had a lovely weekend guys and I'll be back as soon as I can, as I do have my Art and Design Extended Diploma Graduation this week which is exciting! Talk soon, Love Mols xx