Back To Reality

Good evening and a Happy February, the month that includes my fav day PANCAKE DAY BABY, bring me all the nutellaaaaaa.

I hope the new year has been treating you well, working towards ya goals and resolutions…I know I have.

I feel like I’ve sort of accidentally abandoned my blog and I want to actually say I’m sorry. I guess I’ve been more preoccupied on going back to uni, gym-ing and fit-bitting, even focusing on my Instagram, and by accident I just haven’t been blogging as much. I guess I have had a lil’ bit of writers block- and for a blogger that’s kinda crap. But I’m back with a update of my life, so lets go...

Since my last blog post about my trip to Amsterdam which feels like many moons ago.. I started working out more which feels so good. Before people start thinking 'new year, new me' and all dat, no, a new year, updated better Mols. Working out is amazing, and I will always love that. I also have been using my Fitbit, and being a part of these like group competitions per week or weekend aka the biggest motivation EVER, and I keep winning. I think with all this activity, its actually making me feel better and helping me with my uni work as well. Moreover, I have got on the healthy wagon, I feel like I really needed it after those Christmas months and eating my bodyweight in turkey... I have a newfound love of salads and smoothies, thank you to my lovely pt and bestie @finfituk...

Recipe For The Best Smoothie In The World (you can thank me later!)

1 frozen banana

a spoonful of almond butter

150ml of almond milk

50ml of coffee

a spoonful of vanilla protein powder

In addition, I have been doing 'dry January', I guess it is that time of the year where we all start detoxing, and if you have done your own version of 'dry jan' then here's to you. Fin gave up chocolate the whole of January, and I'm proud of her. However, I have extended mine to Valentines Day celebrations as I honestly feel so much lighter in my body and in my mind, so I am thinking that I will decrease the amount of alcohol I drink, smoothies> prosecco.

So...after my 7 week break off, I went back to Fashion Retail Academy a couple of weeks ago, it was a bit of a shock to the system. It has been intense we have received 3 new assignments (and they are more up mol's street). They include Brand Management; which as a group we have to create a new line of products for GUCCI, Consumer Behaviour; looking into how a specific demographic shop and why, and my fav Visual Communications; where we have to create an online publication so WATCH THIS SPACE hehehe. I am very excited to see where all this work progresses. In addition, I have been filming a lot of IGTV's, which I've been really enjoying... below are the pictures of the sort of topics I've been filming about...

EXCITING NEWS; an influencer called Lissy Roddy who I love (and has like 1 million followers), private messaged me and commented on one of my IGTV's so thats definitely been a highlight of 2020.

Well... apart from that there hasn't been much else to update you on, just getting back into a routine, focusing on me and working on my uni assignments. Hopefully I will be back in the next fortnight, I have a couple of blog ideas up my sleeve.. but I hope you are all well.

I will speak to you soon!

Lots of love Mols xx