And So The Adventure Begins. (Moving House Part 1)

Hi you, thank you for coming to check this blog out, how are you?

I want to explain how this post is going to be a little bit different. The majority of the time when I write a blog post, I'm so inspired I write it there and then. Like a couple of cups of tea, a lot of research, 5 hours gone and a brand spanking new blog post is ready to inspire you (hopefully!)

However, I have decided to share this new adventure as a diary entry, as an update of my life, because well it is a new and exciting adventure. My blog has always been based on my thoughts, my opinions and well sharing what goes on about me... it is called The Life of Molly- so shall we start, are you ready?

2 Weeks Until The Move Starts

I start this blog post, two weeks before the 'moving week', yes we have a moving week, it is that stressful. Trust me. I have now moved houses enough times to know that moving house is one of the most stressful things to do in life, kudos to my parents.

I type this whilst sitting here in this holiday home bedroom, surrounded by furniture that isn't mine, and well to be honest with you, I cannot wait to move out. I cannot wait to have our own home, having my own furniture, and being able to decorate.

Let's rewind to the beginning of March, pre-lockdown times, where going to a restaurant is a distant memory and social distancing wasn't a thing. If you didn't know, we moved out into a holiday home the weekend before lockdown started, we couldn't find anywhere to live in the short period of time we needed to, so we moved into this little holiday home. And have spent the whole time here. Sounds nice right?

Here is a little video of the house when we first moved into our holiday home, so many moons ago....

Being here for this long has made us all miss 'normal' parts like our own dinner bowls, the ones here are really small, and I miss my big bowl of pasta! I am also missing walking up stairs, I've forgotten what stairs are. I also miss being surrounded by our photographs frames and memories. It is so weird but I miss everything that is ours. Having to be quarantined into a home that doesn't fully feel like a home, or have the homely essence has been an emotional experience, but 3 weeks today I will be sitting behind this computer screen in my new dressing room, surrounded by what is mine; and what makes me 'me'. (It is a lot of Gold.) RELIEF.

It is a little stressful trying to comprehend how moving house during a lockdown will occur. And I will let you know. I have also just started university again, I am now in my second year, and I need to work hard. I did mention that June would be a hectic month. Didn't I??

1 Week Until The Move Starts

It is Monday morning here, two weeks today I will be waking up in our new house. Unfortunately I will be without a bed... Not so funny story, but my dad burnt my old one. So new bed pending...

I'm currently sitting here sipping on my favourite smoothie, about to start an online lecture. Last week I (virtually) started my second year back at university. Crazy to think that this time next year I will be writing my disertation. Wowza's. Anyways, we are studying the current Fashion Retail Landscape and Environment, hello Covid 19. It is an interesting topic, but it is a lot of work. And with the move pending, I can feel the pressures of packing boxes, moving furniture, and planning my room hit me, alongside my ever present deadlines, university work, internship commitments, and continuing my love of blogging. Breath.

Anyways, back to the ever present move. I need to start packing this week, anyone else lowkey love packing and unpacking. I can't wait to reinvent my room(s). I have a concept for each my bedroom, dressing room, and two bathrooms (I'll be as clean as a Kween!)

As soon as I knew that we were moving, I did what I do best and made a mood-board. I wanted to share my thought process, my inspiration and I wanted to make sure it was already based on the furniture I already have. Say hello to 50 Shades of Grey.... See below.

The Week Before the Move

Last week was a busy week, and I've finally got time to come on here and share with you all what has been going on. I spent this weekend chillaxin' and relaxin' to the max, which was well needed. However, I STILL haven't packed (oops.) But I have next weekend to quickly pack up everything. The next week is officially moving week, which consists of moving our stuff from storage, moving our clothes from here, and making our new house a home. My parents have a van they'll be using, and removal men are coming at the end of the week.

Hi guys, it is Wednesday, and the gang (minus me) have officially started the move, and I am so excited. I wish wish wish, I could just close my eyes and we would all be in in our home, boxes magically unpacked and we could just sit on the sofa absolutely relaxed. I am so excited to paint my rooms, get new curtains and reorganise my room. As I mentioned above I have themes in each of my rooms. My bedroom is going to be muted, minimalistic and haven for chillaxing with a little corner for me to sit on a bean bag and drink coffee and blog blog blog. My dressing room is going to be pink, vibes and an AESTHETIC as I use my dressing room for vlogging. My shower room I want it to be fresh mirroring the feel of a shower, and my bathroom I want it to be like my own mini spa, a place where I can have some serious self care. I mean who doesn't want that in your life?

We have finally reached the weekend, and we are packing up the last bits from the holiday home, our clothes, food and day to day bits. I cannot wait to share the next part of moving house with you, the next chapter of The Life of Molly and this will be coming in part 2 of this blog post, whenever that may be, sometime in the next month when I've finally unpacked my boxes and sorted my new house out. We made it guys.

And So The Adventure Begins...

(speak soon)