All About My 30k Charity Challenge

If you had said to me 6 months ago, that I would be raising my first cocktail of the year, to completing my 30k Charity Run for Cancer Research UK. I would be utterly shocked, overwhelmed and emotional. I am proud (and still amazed) to say I have managed to raise just over £1000 for charity. I decided to create this challenge back in November 2020, for the pure purpose of raising money for those people who need it. 1 in 2 people in their lifetime will have Cancer, and due to the pandemic, Cancer treatments and research have been put on pause, which is heartbreaking. I wanted to give up my time and put my wholehearted effort into raising money for those who need support.

So at the start of the 2021, back when it was cold, muddy and bleak I started a regimented training programme, by training 6 times a week, eating well and drinking no alcohol. This was more of a mental health benefit than anything, however, has become a bit of a blessing now (typing that as I eat my fish and chips dinner). I remember starting my running training in January, and no joke, I couldn't run for longer than a minute at a snails pace. And now, I just hit a PB-running 5k in 35 minutes! If this is you and you've just started running. Keep pushing.

I started the process with the support of the Couch to 5k app, and if you are like me (a couch potato) then please download this app and start this 9 week programme just in time for summer. It really helped me start running. Each week you grow your stamina, running length and most importantly confidence. Download it here. Also, kudos, to my mum for joining in with my training. She bossed it.

For the last three months my training timetable has been:

Mon: PT (Finfituk)

Tues: Independent Running

Wed: Virtual PT (Finfituk)

Thurs: PT (Finfituk)

Fri: Independent Running

Sat: Independent Running

Sun: Rest Day

Now I don't want to bore you with an essay-length description of how the last 3 months went, instead here are some of the key moments when I was training.

My first ever (running) session.

It was the 27th December, I was carrying a bit of Christmas timber, and I ran for a whole 60 seconds non-stop. I was bloody chuffed guys, especially as I had just recovered from an injury. I remember thinking 'Yes gurl, I went out in the cold, ran in front of other people and bossed it.' Little did I realise I'd be able to running 30k in one week 3 months later.

Completing my first ever 20 minutes run.

Over the first month of 2021, I'd gone from running for a minute and had slowly but surely progressed with an increased stamina, thanks to Couch to 5k. I managed to run for a whole 20 minutes, and I ran for just under 2k. Now looking back, that seems like a warm up jog. But it is still an accomplishment.

Running for 25 minutes in the rain.

It was around February time that I started enjoying running a bit more. This Saturday run was a moment that I will always remember during my challenge, because of the rainy weather. It was so hard as it was chucking it down, but I felt so free almost in a childlike state running in puddles, with no cares in the world.

Running for distance not time.

In February it was like a part of me had clicked. I had started running for distance, not time. I'd always said I didn't care about how fast I ran, it's about how far I can run. A bit of motivation for others if they want to start running. The feeling when I completed my first 3.5k, well I FELT GLORIOUS, and proud of myself.

My first 4k in 30 minutes.

Now. I can fully understand how hard it can be not judging your accomplishments against others. But remember YOU accomplished it. For example, I got out of bed at 7:30 in the morning, I went out to my treadmill, and I achieved that 4k in a personal best time. If I can leave the warmth of my bed, so can you.

Getting the notification I was in the top 15% of fundraisers.

This actually still brings a tear to my eye when I think of this. This is WHY I wanted to push myself physically, to raise donations for a charity that means so much to me and my family. So, thank you to those who have donated.

Running my first 5k.

I remember how nerve-wracking the though of running 5k was. I do believe running is not just a physical challenge, but for sure, a mental one. It was in March, and I felt unprepared. Beforehand, I had run totals of 5k, either 2.5k x2, or a 3.5k & 1.5k. But this was a huge stepping stone closer to my challenge. And I only went and did it in less than 40 minutes.

Running everyday.

For the last couple of weeks, running has felt like second nature now. I wake up and either run outside, surrounded by nature, listening to Beyoncé. Good music recommendation when exercising guys. Or in my garage, on my treadmill, with Fin shouting words of motivation to keep me running when I feel like giving up. Running has become something I love to do.

Completing my challenge.

This was a serious 'shit, I did it' moment, and I am so so proud. I did a week of personal best's, I ran 30k in 6 days with the support of my family, closest friends and my PT. But most importantly, I raised £1040 pounds, making the aches and pains of my muscles, the forcing myself to leave the warmth of my bed, the pushing myself to continue running the early morns in the cold and the buckets (and buckets) of tears all worth it. Shoutout to those who helped me reach £1000, including The Little Bagel Box.

Now, I am a great believer that a picture tells a 1000 words, and a video beats all that, so please do check out my recent IGTV here. Thank you reading this blog post and watching just an insight of the BTS week of my challenge. Thank you for supporting me whether that's by donating or words of encouragement. If you would like to donate, please do here.

So next charity challenge, half a marathon? Til then, back to the gym, back to enjoying my workouts, back to exercising...But I will for sure be back blogging VERY soon, with lots of exciting news and life updates.

Love Mols x