About The Bloggers Bible

Hi guys, the world feels a little weird right now, doesn't it? There is so much uncertainty, panic and stress. I feel as though everything I've planned to post on my blog, social media and IGTV seems a waste. But, with a positive mindset, I wanted to share some news with you.

Honestly, I am so excited to tell you what I have been up to for the last couple of months, but Little Mols has ventured out and started a new exciting venture... *drum roll please* THE BLOGGERS BIBLE.

Now, you're probably a little bit confused, don't worry, that's cool. This is why I'm writing tis blog post. Let's start at the beginning...

Going back to January (already a quarter through 2020, woah) but when I restarted at the Fashion Retail Academy after Christmas, we had a new unit Visual Communication, it has been the best thing I've done at university, I have loved it. In this new and exciting unit, I had to create an online publication like a blog. Now, I already had a blog (well duh, you know that, it's the thing you are reading currently.)

To be honest, I didn't want to create another independent 'blog', as I felt it would be done half-heartedly. So... I sat and thought for a good ol' while, thinking, brainstorming, and patiently waiting for inspiration to hit... and then BANG...my second baby THE BLOGGERS BIBLE was born.

In a formal description it is an authentic platform where bloggers, influencers and content creators are interviewed by me, the curator, about something they are passionate about, travel, food, fashion etc, to inspire the readers. Basically, it is a community of creators who want to inspire their readers, that is the role of a content creator. I don't want to bore with statistics and analytics, that bores me to death... but influencer marketing is really bloody important, 92% of consumers turn to people they know for referrals above any other source.

I initially asked 6 content creators if they wanted to be involved, and they said yes. Which I was super happy about, whenever starting a new venture, you're always nervous how people will react, will it be successful, will I trip over my ideas and fall on my face whilst everyone laughs....But when other individuals not only support the idea, but want to be involved well you feel over the moon. Anyways, I interviewed these lovely ladies over a couple of weeks- which was fun, I then transcribed the interviews, not so much fun, but the end result, a loving authentic article, now that makes me smile...

Above are they content creators who have been involved with the creation of THE BLOGGERS BIBLE (so far)- @alicehopem, @lisa.tustin, @aaaaaaaaaabi, @martharose, @gracefulblog and @nicole.guerreiro.

I think I've always had a creative flow running through my veins, from getting DDM in Art and Design Extended Diploma, to writing songs when I was younger. I felt as though I knew exactly what I wanted my online publication to look like- minimalistic and simplistic, but professional almost business-y, but creative and artistic- does that all make sense? Can you see it in your head? Well, here's the home page below to help you out. I decided to use collaging I had created for the homepage, linking the idea of traditional and new media in a creative way.

So yeah I want this to grow, I have decided even though I started it for a university assignment I have bloody loved it and I want to continue it. I already have content creators I will be interviewing, so that is really really exciting.

Moreover, with the realisation that it is something I'm not only passionate about, but something I can see as a career option, well its eye opening. More exciting news, I am starting a 6 month internship with SLO Active next month (dependent on what occurs with Coronavirus) and in this internship I will be doing a similar thing, including transcribing interviews and social media posts as an intern.

I will back very soon, due to self isolation I think it's really important to focus on things you love, hobbies, and FaceTiming ya loved ones. I want to be there for you guys to try and make such a situation lighter, so I will be trying to post as normal. Please, make sure to check out THE BLOGGERS BIBLE site out, here's the link www.thebloggersbible.org.uk... enjoy reading and stay safe, Mols xx