A Guide To Your First Tattoo

Hello everyone, I hope you are well. I am coming to you today with a 'guide to' blog post, it has been just over a month since I got my third tattoo. I received a lot of messages; what does it feel like, does it hurt, how many tattoos do you have, what's the inspiration, would you get more. So I thought well, let's write a blog post to inform people all about the pieces of artwork inscribed into my skin. (Thank you Two Cats Tattoo Studio, I would never trust anyone else.)

I have three beautiful tattoos, ironically I always said I'd only get one! However, one of the many lessons I've learnt through this experience is they are *highly* addictive, especially if you have a creative flair like me. So if you are planning to get a tattoo, consider this. The journey of my tattoos started in June 2018, after 6 months of persuading my mum to allow me to get a tattoo. It happened. Here is my advice, do not get a spontaneous tattoo, they are on your body for life, and tattoo laser removal looks like it hurts worse than getting a tattoo, and is way more expensive. Consider what you are getting on your body, your body is your home, do not treat it wrongly. I always think what tattoo your getting, where it should go, and think it through for at least a month. For more persuasion watch Just Tattoo of Us and Tattoo Fixers. Also, @themeganedit and @amelia_dolores share their tattoo removal on their socials.

Every tattoo I have has a significant meaning, whether it is a reminder to myself or a stage in my life I want to be proud of. As though their like personal medals throughout my lifetime. My first tattoo 'Strength' is a reminder that I can get through whatever life hands me, as I have done so far.

My second tattoo (which I wanted for about 9 months) is the flower 'Sweet Peas', a name my parents call me: a reminder to be myself and be proud of who I am. I got this tattoo in August 2019, the day of my BTEC and A-Level results, a well-deserved reward to myself for working hard. Another piece of advice: tattoos on ribs hurt a lot. After my first tattoo, Vicky (the tattooist) said she would be shocked to see me again due to how much I struggled during being tattooed. Well 2 years later, and I'm still going back. Oops.

My most recent tattoo, which happened at the beginning of November 2020, the 'Butterfly' represents a change in my life, after the end result of a long term relationship. Out of all the tattoos, this was the most spontaneous, however, felt right due to the current state of my life, and due to the dooming lockdown. This tattoo didn't hurt during but afterwards, it was very itchy due to the position behind my ear. Tattoo aftercare is so important, so your tattoo can heal correctly, and in effect look pretty and not all scabby. I use 'Sorry Mom' tattoo aftercare cream. I find the aftermath of a tattoo to actually be worst than sitting in the tattoo chair. DO not itch your tattoo.

The positioning of tattoos, now, first of all, this is a personal preference. I am all for it's your body do what you want to do with it. I would look ridiculous with a sleeve, or a huge tattoo down my back. Some people can rock it. I am not one of those people. One thing I've always reminded myself when planning a new tattoo is how will I look wearing my mum's beautiful wedding dress, and then I make the decision to choose somewhere that can be hidden. Lastly, would I get another tattoo? Yes. Before my most recent tattoo, I was planning to get another tattoo for when I graduate university next autumn, as it is another milestone I want to celebrate and a chapter completed in my life. If you want to watch me get my most recent tattoo, I filmed the whole process and you can watch it here.

Thank you for reading, I hope that inspired you, helped you and interested you. Have a lovely first weekend out of lockdown. See you soon, Mols x