A Day In The Life Of An Intern...

I type this as I come close to the end of the penultimate month of life as an intern, ready to enter the last full month of my 6-month internship. It seemed to fly by in a blink of an eye. I do feel a sort of bittersweet emotion as I type this blog post. SLO active has been a massive part of 2020, starting back in April, when the world went into lockdown, people were slowing down and becoming less busy. I felt like I had never been busier in my life, which for me has been good.

Over the last 4 months of working for SLO active every Tuesday & Thursday, I have learnt so much (it is nuts!) From social media analytics to email marketing (I'm a pro at Mailchimp now), to blogging and so much more. It's been so eye-opening and has been uber beneficial. These skills I have learnt have also helped me achieve more in my own life, for example getting 2.1's at University (wooo) to considering how I can alter my views on fast fashion and inspire others. I know this experience will be with me forever, and I am forever grateful. But enough about that, you are here to read about what I do on a typical day... So here goes.

I start my interning day, with a coffee, a vanilla latte to be precise. Like any day to be honest, coffee is my holy grail. I like to go for a walk before work, ready to engage my brain and get my body moving before sitting behind a screen between 9:30-5:30. If you also spend a lot of time in your working day sat typing away, go for a walk, nature is the best.

Once I've made my infamous smoothie, I set up, headphones on, laptop on, I am ready to succeed the day. My job role consists of content creation, social media, and PR.

So some of the tasks I've recently completed include:

Blog Writing, you can read my favourite Go SLO, Live lifestyle series blog post here: https://sloactive.com/go-slo-live-minimal-fashion/ - I interviewed my boss for this, and excitedly my names in the blog post ah!

Social Post Planning: check out the recent posts on their Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/slo.active/

Writing Newsletters, you'll have to subscribe to read these: https://sloactive.com.

Moodboard I created for Go SLO, Live Minimal

Anyways back to my day in the life of, the first thing I do when sipping on my smoothie is to look at the Content Calendar. This is a plan that's like months in advance, so I know what I've got to work on, and what tasks are time conscious. As I've had to do my internship virtually, it has been difficult to learn new things, without physical contact. When I started interning, Janaya was on the other side of the planet, but the time difference didn't stop me working hard. So the content calendar and my daily tasks on Asana are literally gods gift when working from home. I love a list (who doesn't right?) and ticking off sub-tasks is the best feeling.

Every week is different, as it would be with a full-time job. In the last week or so, I've been working on the last instalment of a blog series, a concept that I created for SLO active, focusing on the lifestyle of the SLO active women, whether that be being active or being creative. I loved writing these and creating the mood board alongside, really focusing on the subject matter & my tone when writing. It is also so motivating that Janaya allows me to have a free reign of my creativity, and also lets me use my voice when coming up with new ideas for her brand.

The last blog post of the lifestyle series (that will be going live next week, just before my holiday) is called Go SLO, Live Luxe, and in correlation with that, I created a Luxury Surf Travel Guide as a PDF on Indesign, another thing I've learnt to do since starting my internship. Any tasks like this blog post, a Fierce Female interview, or a Guide I then have to create social posts for each social platform, as well as a Newsletter for the day of release. See below just a snapshot of one of the newsletters I have sent out (that I am very proud of!)

A Snapshot of a Newsletter I Created

Back to my day, I work hard all morning, ticking off my tasks, making sure I can send off any bits for Janaya to review over my lunch break. Lunch break... (one of the best parts of the day!) I thought I'd share some of my favourite lunches to inspire you when working from home, as I know it's easy to get into a routine of having the same lunch every day. Mix it up.

Some Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas:

Cous Cous & Salmon with Avocado

Quiche & Leaves

Tomato & Mozzarella Salad

Cuppa Soup

Tuna Nicoise Salad With Eggs

Back to work after lunch, and a quick scroll on Insta. At least once a week Janaya and I have a Zoom call, whether that be to review my work, go through the week's plans, or to plan the next content I will be creating. However, I do find as I am learning more, I am gaining more confidence, and my work is getting better. I spend the afternoon finishing tasks, and making alterations. On a Thursday, I make blog posts live, I post images on their socials to promote a blog post, I send out a newsletter (which I used to find hella scary!) By the time it gets to 5:30, I am exhausted and in need of a bubbly soak in the tub.

All of this is a lot of work, dedication and effort, but I guess you could say I am slowly becoming a Comms Queen. Like anything you do, there have been tasks I have loved more than others. Excel is not and will never be my friend, but unfortunately in any job role, there will be factors you dislike.

'If you like 80% of your job or your degree, then the other 20% is worth it.'

Molly Hood, 2020

And there you go, I hope you have enjoyed some insight into my internship at SLO active. And if you are thinking of taking that leap into a new career, or starting a work placement, or something as exciting then DO IT.

So goodbye August (nearly). It is crazy to think that in one weeks time, I'll be on my way up to Mykonos for my 21st.

I will be back (very very) soon guys, have a lovely weekend! Love Mols x