2020: In Reflection

2020, a year that many of us in society have described as challenging, unprecedented, and well all-round shit. A year that many of us are wanting to forget, with prayers that 2021 will bring more good news and freedom. I recently saw a t-shirt with the statement 'All I Want for Christmas is 2020 to Be Over.' And now with the recent changes made by the government, I know many of us are feeling down, depressed and frustrated. As much as we can all agree 2020 has been a crappier year. This is your opportunity to reflect on the POSITIVE things that have happened in the last 12 months. We have all come so far throughout 2020. So without further ado, I wanted to share my year in reflection, here goes:

Explored Different Countries

I started 2020, wandering around the city of Amsterdam, a place I had never been before. Exploring a different culture and enjoying time with an ex-partner. Never would I have had thought that the freedom of travelling would be taken from us. Does anyone else remember what it felt like to not have to wear a face mask constantly? Or hand sanitizer not being a handbag essential? Throughout 2020 I was lucky enough to travel. I cannot wait to travel and explore more in 2021, anyone else manifesting a trip away?

Completed an Internship at SLO active

During 2020, I started a 6-month virtual internship for SLO active. Being the successful candidate for an internship is one of the proudest moments of my life, let alone this year. This was a huge stepping stone for gaining self-confidence, self-development, understanding social media and communications more. It has benefitted me, my lockdown experience and my future immensely. Without this internship 2020 would have been a different experience for me.

Lived in a Holiday Home

Ah, Lockdown 1... seems like a distant memory. Where we all baked bread and cakes, watching too many Netflix series', and for the Hood household, we spent this weird period of 2020 living together in a holiday home. Living in a holiday home is a memory I look back and wonder if I was in a dream-like state. An experience I will never forget (it was a weird time!) But I took more time for myself, I read more, I exercised more, I had more time for self-care and I spent those days with my family. Something I cherish even now.

Moved House & Designed My Dream Room(s)

Erm hello, this summer we moved house. A pure happy moment of 2020, after living in a holiday home for 3 months. Having a house we call our own is a feeling I didn't even know I'd miss. Nothing beats having your own bed to sleep in and having enough storage for your clothes. Moreover, I got to decorate my bedroom and dressing room. A little passion project for me, and an exciting new chapter for the Hoods. This was a major relief.

Multiple Collaborations with The Next Thread

One of my assignments during lockdown was Visual Communications, in which I started a website for influencers and content creators: 'The Bloggers Bible', where I met some amazing bloggers who I contact daily. This includes the talented Riya Amin, founder of the sustainable brand The Next Thread. Throughout 2020, we created 3 fabulous collaborations from International Friendship Day to World Environment Day. Another proud moment of 2020. Sidenote, those bloggers have been such supportive friends throughout 2020, and I am very grateful.

Became a #Skinfluencer For Dermalogica

Being Gifted Dermalogica products was a real *pinch me* moment. For a nano-influencer like me, the concept a huge brand appreciates and believes in my content creation makes me smile. I still find it shocking that I trial new products, have the opportunity to create content I love based on their skincare products, and be invited to virtual masterclasses and events. All whilst focusing on one of my beliefs: self-love. This collaboration has inspired me to create more content and write more on my website. Let us see what 2021 can bring for this collaboration, and others in the future.

Celebrated My 21st Birthday in Mykonos

I couldn't not mention my highlight of 2020 in this blog post: turning 21 in Mykonos. A dream come true, that I am forever grateful I got to experience. What more could you want, sun, sea, cocktails, sushi, beach clubs, massages, hot tubs, aka my idea of heaven, all whilst being surrounded by your family, having laughs and good times. Definitely, worth the quarantine, I was coming home to.

Best Grades Of Uni So Far

2020 has brought me a mixed feelings towards my degree, and I am looking forward to graduating in 2021 (Lowkey petrified though!) How is it I only have 8 months left of my course? I am proud to say that during this weird time we have all been dealing with during the pandemic. I have managed to stay motivated and determined, and my studies have not failed, resulting in the best grades during my degree, with a 1st in an article I wrote. Let's hope I continue working my hardest, trying my best, and achieving the most.

Treated Myself to a Prada Bag

This 2020 highlight is pretty self-explanatory. I saved up and treated myself to another investment piece and she is a beaut. We all deserve a little treat. End of.

Got Another Meaningful Tattoo

If you read my most recent blog post, you'll know all about my newest tattoo. There is no need to go into the ins and outs of the tattoo. But here is a quote that has resonated with me during 2020 and was one of the inspirations behind the tattoo, 'A butterfly does not become a butterfly without isolation.' We all made it through 2020, celebrate it.

Completed 2 Short Courses Independently

During Lockdown 2.0 and the latter part of the year, I decided to complete two different Fashion Short Courses. One with UAL Central St Martins 'Art Direction For Fashion' and another with Institut Francais De La Mode 'Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture.' These short courses were a good use of my free time and something to add to my CV. Both examples of my achievements throughout 2020.

After Being Injured Got Back to My Fitness

For me, a real low point of 2020 was during October and November, when I had multiple injuries where I lost mobility and was in and out of physiotherapy (mixed with heartbreak) it was a recipe for a disaster. But I am proud to say I am back in the gym, working hard, and ready for a personal challenge for a charity in 2021. So watch this space. PS thank you to my PT for being my motivator throughout this grey time.

Ended the Year Becoming a Brand Ambassador with Adorn Lab

And as a recent as a week ago, I had another small win. I became a brand ambassador for Adorn Lab. A genderless jewellery brand. I got sent some beautiful jewellery (that is the real-life flame emoji, their jewellery is a vibe!) Here is my discount code: MOLLY10. For my blogging, this is a promising way to end this year, and here's to manifesting more positivity during 2021.

There you go. My last blog post of 2020, and we are aiming to end this on a high. Reading my achievement list has made me proud. So take this weekend, this week, the rest of the year to reflect on 2020, whatever has been achieved how big or small, congratulate yourself. Raise a toast to yourself you deserve it. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, whatever you are up to in these circumstances.

Christmas is not cancelled, and love is not cancelled. Celebrate how far you've come through this strange year. You got this.

See you in January, Love Mols x