1... 2... SKI

Hey huns, I promised I'd be back.

Thank you for reading the last post. I was very anxious about the response to the post. Also another massive thanks, to those who gave me a lot of support and sent me such kind comments about it all. It means a lot that your enjoying the blog.

I thought it would be a good idea to update you on on the events over the last week, and I thought it would be entertaining and a good read to do a holiday post about my recent skiing trip to Obergurgl in Austria .

In the dictionary, the definition for skiing is shown below. -the action of travelling over snow on skis, especially as a sport or recreation. Competitive skiing falls into two categories: Nordic (cross-country racing, jumping, and biathlon) and Alpine (downhill or straight racing, and slalom racing round a series of markers).

Whereas in my view I believe my interpretation of skiing is a little bit different. I see it as a bit more like an experience than just a sport. I describe it in 5 or so words- friends, apres ski, hugos, lotta food, laughs. I have been skiing since I was very young, and my experience of skiing is a barrel of laughs and a lot of fun.

This year was no different, and I wanted to say thank you to all for my family and our friends for a lovely couple of days.

Some of the highlights of my holiday include:

- A Wetherspoons breakfast at 6am, where me and my sister started on the prosecco (supposedly...its acceptable to start drinking at silly o'clock to celebrate the start of a holiday. One of the many wise lessons I've learnt from the legend that is Lotty Hood.)

-There is no better way of starting a skiing holiday, than with an Après Ski party in the Nederhutte! We danced on the tables, whilst singing along to live music, including Summer Of '69 & Sweet Caroline, we made a Jaeger tower and successfully skied back to the hotel in the dark.

- FOOOD! :) My favourite topic. The food in Obergurgl is insanely good. I really enjoyed the food I ate whilst out there. I have been eating well since Christmas, (got to get my bikini bod ready). However, over the 4 days I learnt to enjoy the food, and give yourself a break from healthy food. So I ate a lot of rich food including cheese, pasta, meats...delish.

- We went to an Ibiza styled music party, in which we continued dancing and drinking more Hugo's (Hugo's are prosecco, mint and elderflower, a skiing holiday favourite.) A recurring theme during our skiing holidays, is a lot of drinking and dancing....

- Sadly, I fell over quite badly when I was skiing. I haven't skied in 2 years, and this painful knocked my confidence, so I had another Hugo and just kept on going and trying my best.

-It was lovely to spend time with the family. As a family we all lead busy lives, Lotty working (and slaying) in London, Mum and Dad running a very successful online interior business called Amara, and me busy with all my college and English work. It does seem like we never have family time, but when we were away we had some family time, playing card games, going for lunches together, and just generally catching up. I'm looking forward to our next holiday, where we get to spend some more quality time together.

I am slightly sad to be back to reality, back to college work and revision, back to healthy living and fitness. It was lovely to have a well needed break. Over the next couple of months, I have a lot of deadlines and exams. But I am already thinking about my next holiday to Barcelona in June.

Thank you for reading, guys. See you very very soon, have a lovely week.

Love Mols xx